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Reprogrammation cellulaire et hypnose

Mes publications dans des revues à comité de lecture 

Lefèvre B., Pesty A., Courtot AM., Martins CV., Broca O., Denys A., Arnault E., Poirot C and Avazeri N. (2007). The phosphoinositide-phospholipase C (PI-PLC) pathway in the mouse oocyte.

Denys. A, Avazeri, N and Lefèvre, B. (2007). The PKC pathway and in particular its beta1 isoform is clearly involved in meiotic arrest maintenance but poorly in FSH-induced meiosis resumption of the mouse cumulus cell enclosed oocyte.

Avazeri, N., Denys. A, and Lefèvre, B. (2006). Lead cations affect the control of both meiosis arrest and meiosis resumption of the mouse oocyte in vitro at least via the PKC pathway.


Avazeri, N., Courtot, AM., and, Lefevre, B. (2004). Regulation of spontaneous meiosis resumption in mouse oocyte by the various conventional Protein Kinase C (cPKCs) depends on cellular compartmentalization.

Avazeri, N., Courtot, AM., Pesty, A., and Lefèvre, B. (2003). Meiosis resumption, calcium-sensitive period, and PLCβ1 relocation into the nucleus in the mouse oocyte.

Avazeri, N., Courtot, AM., Pesty, A., Duquenne, C., and Lefèvre, B. (2000). Cytoplasmic and nuclear phospholipase Cβ1 relocalization: role in resumption of meiosis in the mouse oocyte.

Avazeri, N., Lefèvre, B., and Pesty, A. (1998). The germinal vesicle of the mouse oocyte contains elements of the phosphoinositide
cycle: what is their role at meiosis resumption?

Pesty, A., Avazeri, N., and Lefèvre, B. (1998). Nuclear calcium release by InsP3-receptor channels plays a role in meiosis reinitiation in the mouse oocyte.